Let your smartphone handle attendance and focus on what matters.

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Introducing, Attendance Log Tracker for iPhone, iPads and Android devices.

This app makes your job easier when it comes to taking attendance.

As in you don't have to use a cumbersome notebook and manually enter that data to a spreadsheet app to create reports anymore.

pic of home screen

You simply take attendance by pressing a button on the screen, and when you're done, export the data as a file, that you can open in your favorite apps like Microsoft Excel, Google Sheets or Numbers for Macbook.

pic of export screen

The main window has a list of all the students created, where the user chooses the person they want to mark as present or absent.

Attendance is displayed in tables.

pic of stats screen

The iPad and Android Tablets, like the Samsung Galaxy Tab, are included with an extra window tab where users use a signup form that customers can sign for themselves, marking themselves as present.

Designed as feedback from clients that wanted to have this feature for their business, such as gyms or private trainers, but it can be used for conferences where the participants can mark themselves as present while the presenter starts the talk.

pic of signup screen